Financial Security

Our wealth management financial advisor team focuses on creating a personalized plan for you and your family that meets your financial goals for today and tomorrow.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Our corporate retirement plan fiduciaries will create a customized retirement benefit plan for you and your staff that meets ERISA standards and takes the risk and burden off you.

Financial Advisory Services for Individuals, Businesses & Nonprofits

SDM Advisors LLC serves our individual, business and nonprofit clients through a variety of integrated financial services products aimed at creating a personalized financial planning tool that you can count on now and into the future. Our team can provide investment advisory, corporate retirement plan design and implementation, estate & financial planning guidance, nonprofit advisory and cash management. Securities are offered through Valmark Securities, Inc., a member of the FINRA, SIPC. Fee-based financial planning services are offered through SDM Advisors LLC.

Individuals & Families

Focused on wealthy individuals and their families, we provide a financial plan that balances your complex investment needs, your current and future life goals, future investment needs and retirement goals.

Business Owners

Business owners face unique challenges that we are equipped to handle by looking holistically at your personal and business finances and coming up with a personalized plan that gives you peace of mind moving forward.


We have a full range of investment, retirement and financial management and reporting solutions tailored specifically for nonprofits. While you are meeting your mission. we make sure that we are meeting the financial needs of your staff.

Mutual funds: Handle with care at year end

Investment decisions shouldn’t be driven by tax considerations alone, but taxes are still an important factor to consider, especially when it comes to mutual funds in taxable accounts. Consider these year-end tips.

Catch-up retirement plan contributions can be particularly advantageous post-TCJA

The income reduction from making catch-up contributions to your retirement plan might be especially beneficial in 2018 if you had significant itemized deductions in the past that now will be reduced or eliminated by the TCJA. Here’s what you need to know.

Time for NQDC plan deferral elections

If you’re an executive or other key employee, your employer may offer you a nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan. As the name suggests, NQDC plans pay employees in the future for services currently performed. The plans allow deferral of the income tax...

Consider all the tax consequences before making gifts to loved ones

Many people choose to pass assets to the next generation during life, whether to reduce the size of their taxable estate, to help out family members or simply to see their loved ones enjoy the gifts. If you’re considering lifetime gifts, be aware that...

529 plans offer two tax-advantaged education funding options

Section 529 plans are a popular education-funding tool because of tax and other benefits. Two types are available: 1) prepaid tuition plans, and 2) savings plans. And one of these plans got even better under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Enjoy valuable benefits...

Charitable IRA rollovers may be especially beneficial in 2018

If you’re age 70½ or older, you can make direct contributions — up to $100,000 annually — from your IRA to qualified charitable organizations without owing any income tax on the distributions. This break may be especially beneficial now because of Tax Cuts and Jobs...

Tax planning for investments gets more complicated

With more tax rate thresholds to keep in mind, year-end tax planning for investments is especially complicated in 2018. Find out what your rate might be for short- and long-term capital gains, dividends (whether qualified or not) and the NIIT.

3 bills form Tax Reform 2.0

On September 13, the House Ways and Means Committee passed three separate bills that will be the cornerstone of what is being referred to as Tax Reform 2.0. The bills focus on making permanent certain provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that affect...

Executive Order Regarding Retirement Savings Plans Signed

The DOL and Treasury are to review and consider regulations regarding increasing access to workplace retirement savings arrangements.

Is More Tax Reform On The Horizon?

While many individuals and businesses are still working to fully understand how the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect them, lawmakers are prepping for Tax Reform 2.0. Here’s a look at what’s been proposed thus far.

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