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We are financial advisors located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle you can rely on for effective, strategic, private wealth management. Our specialized team is dedicated to extinguishing all concerns you and your family may have about your financial security. Our firm was founded on the idea that we didn’t want to just be accountants, but to be trusted financial advisors who could focus on wealth planning and investment strategy that could help you and your family now and into the future.


Case Study

Family Seeks Wealth Management Assistance from SD Mayer During Unexpected Illness

When the husband and financial planner of a family suddenly fell ill, SD Mayer provided the financial management necessary until he could recover.


Financial Planning for Every Stage of Your Life

Moving Away From Home
Whether you recently graduated from college or landed your first job and are moving away from home, it’s never too early to start the financial planning process.  In fact, as a young worker, you are at an advantage for something like life insurance, which you’ll qualify for at a lower premium than an older worker.  You can start with term life at a more affordable rate and then convert to a more permanent plan, like whole life, universal life or variable universal life once you have more income to support your financial goals.

Getting the right financial plan in place while you are young is one of the best decisions you can make in order to have the financial security you’ll need moving forward, as you change jobs, get married, start a family or think about retirement. Our team at SDM Advisors can walk you through the plan with a free consultation and get you started on your journey to financial freedom.

Changing Jobs
When you change jobs, one of the things you’ll need to consider is what to do with the retirement plan you invested in and whether to transfer those funds into your new employers plan.  Some of the options include rolling the funds into your new employers 401(k), rolling the money into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or choosing an annuity.  Depending on your tax situation, it could also make sense to leave it where it is, in your former employers retirement account.  Our advisors can walk you through the tax options and help you figure out which option makes the most sense with a free consultation.
Getting Married
Getting married is a big step and often means joining forces with your partner financially.  Planning your financial future together can be stressful and our job is to ensure that together you are both financial secure to meet all of life’s most daunting challenges.  Our advisors can walk you through various insurance options, in case of an accident, a disability or death; investment options, so that you have money for future travel, college expenses, the purchase of a home and future retirement; estate planning and tax strategizing.  By considering all of these things together, you can set aside the right amount of money on a regular basis to meet the financial goals you’ll need for your daily lives, but also plan for a stress-free retirement.

Our advisors work with people of all ages to plan for the future, while also setting aside money for their day-to-day needs.  Start today by scheduling a free consultation where we’ll walk you through a personalized plan tailored to you and your new partner.

Having a Child
As your family expands, having a strong financial plan in place becomes even more important.  This new addition is now dependent on you for everything, including food, clothing and shelter.  Protecting your family financially from a job loss, disability or death means making sure you have a strong estate plan, insurance to cover the loss of income, investments to grow the income you have coming in and tax planning to ensure you are only paying what is necessary, now that every cent counts.

Even without a loss of income, you might simply want to plan for your child’s future wedding, or college or a family vacation.  Theses are all things we think about when customizing your family financial plan.

Our advisors offer a range of personalized solutions to ensure that you and your family are meeting the goals you’ve laid out. Schedule a free consultation and we can walk you through the scenarios and let you see, in real-time, how it’ll will affect you and your family.

Planning for Education
Sometimes overlooked in a good financial plan are things like college planning for your child or their eventual wedding costs.  As your child gets older, the cost of education becomes a greater concern for most parents.  You can cross your fingers and hope for a scholarship, or take a few extra jobs to pay for their college education, but we feel that a little planning when they are born can reap great dividends for their future.  Tools like insurance products, which you can borrow against to pay for college, or investments or 520 College Savings Plans are all good options that can help you save for college, without impacting your ability to pay for your day-to-day expenses.

Our advisors can set you up with a free consultation to walk through the options for saving for college and doing so while your children are still young can ensure you meet your education goals for them.

Buying a Home
One of life’s biggest investments is usually also one of life’s best investments.  Saving for a down payment can be challenging and nearly impossible in some parts of the country.  However, proper planning by your grandparents or parents could help with the down payment, as easily as purchasing the right insurance product when the child is born.

If you managed to save for the down payment on your own, it’s important to protect your investment through the right insurance products in case of a loss of employment, disability or death.  As the primary bread-winner, you’ll want to make sure that your partner and family will have the finances to cover the mortgage, and any related bills.

Our advisors can walk you through every possibly scenario in order to help you achieve your financial goals.  Just set up a free consultation today to get started.

A divorce can be devastating both emotionally and financially, as your assets are split, family income is no longer available and the budget you were used to working with is gone.  Meeting with a financial advisor quickly is the best way to remediate the financial challenges and begin to develop a new financial plan moving forward.  Our advisors can help you deal with the loss of retirement funds, savings or investments and take what you have left and provide you guidance in obtaining the right insurance, investments and tax planning to make the most of your new sources of income.  Schedule a free consultation and get started today.  While divorce is the end of one stage of your life, it’s also the beginning of a new stage where you can be the driver of your own financial future.
Blended Families
Getting re-married when kids are involved can be challenging.  Not only from an emotional standpoint but also financially, where you might have to provide for your children from a prior marriage, but also create a financial plan for your new family. On top of that, if you were to pass away, you might want to provide a death benefit to your children from your first marriage, while also ensuring that your new family is taken care of.  It’s complex, but our advisors can walk you through various scenarios, where the right insurance could provide enough money for everyone to live comfortably and meet the financial goals you’ve put in place.  Setting up a free consultation is the first step to ensuring that your financial goals will be met.
Single Parents
Getting divorced and having to raise children as a single parent can be tough financially.  While child support and/or alimony can help, it’s not always guaranteed.  If your children are young, you might be thinking of your daily expenses, along with saving for college, future weddings, or purchasing a second car.

Our advisors can factor all of this into your personalized financial plan and make sure that you have the right blend of products to meet your future goals.  Life insurance can be used in case something happens to you, but could also be borrowed against for some of those future expenses.  We can also look at investment options and tax planning to ensure that you’re not paying too much in taxes and investing in your future so that you can have a comfortable retirement.

The first step is setting up a free consultation with our advisors so that we can walk you through our plans and help you achieve your future financial goals.

You might think it’s too late to start financial planning in your golden years, and while that hold some truth for your own retirement, there is a lot you can do for your families future.  As your children grow, marry and have their own children, considering life insurance for your grandchild makes sense.  They can use the insurance policy for future college expenses or to purchase a new home, at very little cost to you.

Our advisors can guide you through the different options and help you decide on the right product to help your grandchild achieve their own financial security … set up a free consultation today.

Multi-Generational Giving
Some families have started looking at estate plans that don’t just leave all of their assets to their children, but create a plan that leaves a legacy for the future generations of their family.  With the correct estate plan set up, insurance and investments, we can create a plan that provides income for all generations of your family to help with college expenses, the purchase of homes, travel and businesses.  Let your advisors walk you through the various scenarios and help you choose the right products to build your personalized plan that will build wealth over the long-term.  Setting up a free consultation today will help you meet your families future financial goals moving forward … even after you are gone.
Receiving An Inheritance
Managing a large amount of money, after an inheritance, a lottery winning or a legal settlement is vital to ensuring that the money will be there for your future. Our estate planning team can help you structure the right plan, that might include life insurance, investment and tax planning, to build your wealth so that you can live comfortably now and into the future.

Our advisors are experts at managing large amounts of money and helping you grow those assets into life-long financial security you can depend on well into your golden years.

Waiting until retirement age is too late, so planning ahead is vital.  Starting when you are a younger worker and putting away a certain percentage of your salary into a retirement plan is the only way to ensure that you’ll have the funds you need when you reach retirement age.  Whether you are an aggressive or conservative investor, our advisors can walk you through the various investment products available to help you achieve your financial goals for retirement—whether you plan on traveling, visiting family or relaxing at home.

Once you reach retirement age, it’s also important to re-evaluate your financial plan to make sure that you are transferring your money into assets that are less risky, will grow and provide income, but also allow you to withdraw funds without penalty in case you or your spouse requires care in a nursing home or facility.

Our advisors can discuss your retirement needs and come up with a plan that will meet all of your needs and provide income so that you can enjoy a stress-free retirement.

Financial Services

Comprehensive Tax Planning & Strategies
With so many tax rules and regulations being introduced, it can be overwhelming to keep up to date. However, failure to keep up may prevent you from obtaining significant income. It is therefore critical to stay on top of your taxes if you wish to reach your financial goals.

As one of the top-rated CPA firms in the Bay Area, understanding the evolving tax environment is one of our core strengths. Our financial advisors will navigate through your taxes and those of your family to reduce your liability and maximize your income, regardless of your financial situation. We will guide you through the complex tax landscape by aiming to avoid obstacles that may end up costing you in the future.

Estate Planning
Estate planning is the act of determining a plan for your possessions when you are no longer here. While many people understandably overlook having a plan in place, it is vital that your loved ones are informed when the time comes.

Our personalized approach to estate planning ensures all of your preparations are handled safely and confidentially. As your trusted financial advisors, our focus is on empowering you to provide for your loved ones in a tax-efficient manner while protecting your assets, reducing risk, and complying with federal and state rules and regulations. We hope you will have peace of mind knowing that your wishes and your family are cared for.

Insurance Strategies
Insurance protects you from the unpredictable catastrophes that may occur at some point in your life. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry;” it is best to be prepared early on. There are a number of providers and solutions available, but we understand that not all are created equal.

Our employees have personal experience making these insurance decisions, and are therefore well informed and equipped to advise you on the importance of being insured across the board. Let the financial advisors at SD Mayer help you choose the best insurance products and strategies for you and your family, so you are protected at all times.

Diversified Investments
In the current turbulent economic times, it is critical that your investments are diversified over a number of different instruments in order to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Our financial advisors at SD Mayer have experience in the market and understand which investment vehicles are best positioned to take advantage of the current market conditions. With practice in everything from stocks to bonds to annuities, we can help you take charge of your portfolio.

Focus on Building Wealth & Financial Security
The key to building wealth is not just to make more money; wealth is your net assets. In order to sustain the money you make today, you must create a pattern of saving, minimizing risk, and selecting the correct investments.

With over thirty years of business experience, our private wealth management professionals at SD Mayer will work hard to help you reach your desired level of wealth. Together, we can uncover your path to a profitable future.

Overall Financial Planning and Cash Flow Analysis
Decisions you make today affect your tomorrow. Everyone knows that, and here at SD Mayer, we’re here to advise you along the way. In order to lead the life you desire upon retirement, it is important that you begin to lay out your financial path today. Your current situation, your desired retirement age, and the lifestyle you would like going forward, will all affect this path.

The financial advisors at SD Mayer work with clients to develop their individualized paths to retirement. Our personalized approach to client service combined with our knowledge in the field is the key to our financial planning and cash flow analysis practice. As a trusted Bay Area financial advisor, we will be with you every step of the way to help realize and turn your retirement goals into actions.

Risk Assessment
Risk assessment determines the possible risks of your current financial situation and creates strategies aimed to minimize those risks.

The Bay Area can have peace of mind knowing that we are thoroughly versed in various forms of risk and understand how to best manage it. We will help you prepare for the future by analyzing the present.

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